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uPVC Cladding in Stevenage and the Surrounding Areas

The craftsmen at Enhance Exteriors highly recommend installing modern roofline components made from uPVC. If your Stevenage home is suffering from weather damage, clients in the local area will benefit from our range of roofline services, which include replacements for uPVC cladding panels, uPVC fascia and uPVC soffit boards. We install brand-new uPVC guttering and downpipes to prevent leaks and improve the drainage of excess rainwater


If you have traditional cladding or timber fascia and soffit installations at older Stevenage properties, we’ll show you how uPVC products from major brands, such as Eurocell and Marshall-Tufflex, will better protect your home.

Differences Between PVC and uPVC

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a lightweight, durable plastic which is made to be flexible because of additional plasticisers, whereas uPVC (unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) is rigid and retains its shape. The use of uPVC products is common in carrying out repairs and installing new roofline components, such as uPVC fascia and uPVC soffit boards, and uPVC guttering, for domestic drainage systems. The uPVC material is also fire resistant and recyclable.

Advantages of uPVC



In comparison to timber cladding or aluminium guttering, uPVC is a cheaper construction material. However, the low, affordable prices isn’t a reflection of its quality, as uPVC is extremely durable and lasts longer than traditional roofline materials. Homeowners in Stevenage are more likely to require repairs and replacement parts for timber and aluminium, which will end up costing more to maintain.



Stevenage homes that are fitted with uPVC cladding, uPVC guttering systems and uPVC fascia and soffit boards, are protected against weather damage and decay. Unlike aluminium frames, uPVC is not susceptible to rust, and cladding, fascia and soffit installations made from wood have shorter lifespans. At Enhance Exteriors, our installations come with a 10-year guarantee and the products we use are covered by their own 20-year insurance.

Low Maintenance


Once we have installed uPVC cladding, uPVC fascia and uPVC soffit boards at your home in Stevenage, you’ll be surprised at the little upkeep uPVC products need. Due to the durability of uPVC, roofline components are easy to keep clean and they are resilient to weather damage, including strong winds and heavy rain. With uPVC guttering and downpipes, these are less likely to sag from their properly pitched heights, ensuring rainwater run-off is effectively drained. uPVC cladding panels that are horizontally placed will also help water to drain from your Stevenage property.

Insulation and Damp-Proof


We use Shiplap uPVC cladding manufactured by Eurocell, with tongue and groove panel designs. This helps to insulate heat, prevent leaks and damage from pests. Installations for uPVC bargeboards, together with a uPVC fascia and uPVC soffit, will keep the roof ventilated, limit heat loss through drafts and trapped moisture causing damp.



Fascia and soffit boards cover up the underlying parts of the roof, including exposed rafters, which will make your Stevenage home look tidier. Replacing wooden materials with uPVC fascia and uPVC soffit components will create a modern aesthetic. The appearance of the property can also be enhanced by the variety of colours which uPVC cladding is available in. Domestic clients can choose different designs to add a bit of character to their home.

Our Services Using uPVC Materials

• We carry out repairs and full replacements for traditional fascia and soffit boards, in addition to new uPVC fascia and uPVC soffit installations

• Our team installs uPVC guttering and downpipes, and uPVC cladding, plus aluminium or iron gutters and fibre cement cladding alternatives at properties in Stevenage

• The products we use from major-brand stockists are covered by a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee

• Our experts are available to discuss repairs and installations with friendly advice and free, no-obligation quotes

For expert uPVC cladding, uPVC fascia and uPVC soffit installations at homes in Stevenage and the surrounding area, call 01462 621 874 or 01462 623 662.

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