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High-Quality Cladding in Hitchin and the Surrounding Areas

At Enhance Exteriors, our family-run company aims to exceed our clients’ expectations for roofline repairs and placements at properties in Hitchin and the local areas. We’re proud of our high-ranking Checkatrade profile, which we maintain by providing top quality installations for uPVC cladding, guttering, fascia and soffit boards. Our team understands how integral each of these roofing elements are to protect homes from damage and deterioration, which is why we use trusted, branded products from Eurocell.


Materials from Eurocell are ideal for modern Hitchin homes, due to the range of durable uPVC cladding, uPVC guttering, uPVC fascia and uPVC soffit boards that are available.

Eurocell Products We Use



Brand-new fascia and soffit installations fit perfectly at properties throughout Hitchin, including homes with oddly shaped roofs. Clients can rely on strong, durable uPVC fascia boards which are 18mm thick and resistant to weather damage, including rain, wind and hail storms. To make uPVC fascia installations more attractive, you can choose from 8 different colours to match the style of your property’s exterior.



Eurocell’s range of uPVC soffit boards are stylish and practical. They are available in classic, lightweight models which protect the roof at your Hitchin home from damp and rot. For improved ventilation, clients can choose a hollow uPVC soffit or one with additional vents to promote breathability. Both Fascia and soffit boards are covered with a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee for any repairs that may be required.



We highly recommend Shiplap panels for uPVC cladding due their durable design. Each uPVC cladding panel fits together with precision to protect your Hitchin home against water damage and reduces heat loss with improved insulation capabilities. Eurocell’s uPVC cladding is robust against impact, with panels measuring 125mm and 150 mm. The cladding can also be installed to cover up undesirable brickwork and stains, or simply to update the look of your home.

Guttering and Downpipes


For effective uPVC guttering and downpipe solutions, Eurocell offers long-lasting drainage systems in different styles and colours.

• ‘Half Round’ uPVC guttering is ideal for main properties and conservatories which accumulate a lot of run-off rainwater

• ‘Square Line’ uPVC guttering is a modern and stylish option which can easily be attached to properties with unique shapes

• ‘Ogee’ guttering is ideal for complementing the aesthetic of your Hitchin home, especially at larger properties

What Clients Can Expect from Us

• Friendly and professional service at affordable prices

• Repairs and full replacements for roofline components

• Wide range of uPVC cladding, uPVC guttering, uPVC fascia and uPVC soffit installations for homes in Hitchin, with reliable products from major-brand stockists

• Eurocell products which meet the BS EN ISO 9002 (BS 5750) standards of quality, as featured on the company’s own Checkatrade profile

• Roofline installations for cladding, fascia and soffit boards which are covered by a 10-year guarantee, plus a 20-year manufacturer guarantee for the products we use

For expert uPVC cladding, uPVC fascia and uPVC soffit installations at homes in Hitchin and the surrounding area, call 01462 621 874 or 01462 623 662.

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